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  • Czech republic
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We provide the folowing services:

MEDICAL TOURISM (Czech Republic, Germany, United Kingdom and Greece)

Medical Tourisms and arrangement of all kinds of medical treatments, cases and surgeries with the best and well known surgeons and specialists in Czech biggest and prestigious hospitals, rehabilitation and spas with luxury bedding, all dental treatments including implants and root canal treatments and many more.

With our Health & Wellness Tourist Destination Guide Provider, you are guaranteed; Affordable, Quality Health and Wellness services including an exclusive Exotic Med Wellness & Spa Vacations here in the Czech republic.

The Czech Medical Tourism and Quality Hospitals are among the most advanced medical travel facilities in the world with high specific programs carefully designed to attract international medical tourism patients such as you and your family.

In fact, our partners have spent the last decade preparing for the explosive growth of medical outsourcing, adhering to the same high standards as in the USA, ENGLAND, GERMANY and elsewhere around the globe.

GREECE - We provide very cheap and affordable Hair Transplantacion, Replcement, Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Restoration per 1000 grafts.

What a male hair transplant can achieve

The first thing you’ll want to know is what’s achievable? Hair transplants have great success in the restoration of the natural hairline and can stop hair loss altogether for hundreds of men. Our proven results are why more and more men are turning to us for hair loss treatment.

Our solution to male baldness

Every man is different and to ensure you receive the most effective treatment for you, a consultation is essential. One of our patient care co-ordinators will talk you through the whole process. Unlike some providers, we’ll invite you to a free consultation with one of our hair transplant surgeons - you will meet them before your procedure, not just on the day. 

They’ll create a personal treatment plan that includes the best hair transplant option for you and the results you can realistically expect. See our step-by-step guide that details each stage of the process from pre-op to aftercare.

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Your surgeon will pluck small groupings of healthy hair from your head and transplant them into the area of hair loss. Transplanted hair will then begin to grow as normal after a few months. The more hair that is transplanted, the better the result. There’s no scarring and it’s usually completed in one morning or afternoon ‘megasession’.

Micro-grafting/Micro hair transplanting 

Each individual hair follicle is dissected under magnification. Fine incisions are made and each follicle is planted in the area of loss. With micro-grafting your surgeon can transplant more hair within the procedure time, giving effective results faster.


Affordable Surgery and Overseas healthcare saves you more than 80% of the cost in the USA, ENGLAND, GERMANY and GREECE most especially in this present tough global economic crises.


We offer Medical Internship and Medical Training Programs in major Czech Faculty Hospitals such as Faculty hospital in Motol (FN in Motol), 1st Faculty hospital in Prague (UVN), Faculty hospital in Brno (FN in Brno)


We also recruit students into Pre-Medical Studies & Training programs all over Europe including Czech Republic, Poland, Malta, England, Germany and Italy.

Duration of Pre-Medical Study Programme is approximately 1 year


Accredited Doctoral Study Programmes:

Anaesthesiology and Intensive Medicine
Histology and Embryology Bioethics
Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Preventive Medicine and Epidemiology Internal Diseases
Medical Biology
Medical Biophysics
Medical Chemistry and Biochemistry
Medical Microbiology
Medical Pharmacology
Neuroscience & Neurosurgery
Physiology and Pathological Physiology


foto (originál)We help counsel, process your application forms including all other processes and entrance examinations into any faculty or university of your choice.

Lists of Medical Universities

Charles university, 1st Faculty of Medicine in Prague

Charles university, 2nd Faculty of Medicine in Motol Prague

Charles university, 3rd Faculty of Medicine in Prague

Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Plsen

Charles University, Faculty of Medicine in Hradec Kralove

Faculty of Medicine, Masarykova University in Brnofoto2 (originál)

Faculty of Medicine, Palackeho University in Olomouc

Lists of Pharmaceutical and Physioterapy Faculties

Charles University, Faculty of Pharmacy in Hradec Kralove

Pharmaceutical Faculty Brno, Faculty of Pharmacy in Brnofoto3 (originál)

Charles University, Faculty of Physiotherapy in Prague

Malta Medical University, Faculty of Medicine & Surgery

Medical University of Warsaw - Poland, Second Faculty of Medicine

Study Information Technology and many more at University of Hradec Kralove and other top Czech universites.







Non-Medical Degree Programmes

Duration of Bachelor Degree (BSc) Study Programme is 3 years
Duration of Master’s Degree (MSc) Study Programme is 2 years
Duration of Doctoral Degree (PhD) Study Programme is 4-5 years depending on which Study Programme

Bachelor (BSc), Masters (MSc) and Doctoral (Ph.D) programmes:

Information Technology
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Chemical Engineering
Biomedical Engineering
Agricultural Engineering
Food & Natural Resources
Wildlife & Wood Science
Education & Communication
Physical Education
Economics & Business Management
Philosophy & Social Science
Central European Studies
Political Science
English, Czech, Polish & German Language
International Territorial Studies
Technology in Transportation & Telecommunications
Transportation & Logistic Systems
LED - Air Transport
PIL - Professional Pilot
TUL - Technology of Aviation Maintenance
Lifelong Education



Visas are far more than stickers that make your passport look pretty good. They are the official authorisation for entrance into and travel within a country or region without troubles. In many countries, without a visa you'll simply be turned away at the border or at the check-in for your flight.

The cheapest way to get a visa is to deal directly with the embassy of the country you need a visa for. However, this can be frustrating, confusing and complicated process with obscure questions on application forms, limited help from embassy officials, long waits while your passport is being processed and time consuming trips to embassies.

To avoid all these troubles and inconveniences, we recommend contacting a professional visa service who can guide you though the process. They have the expertise to provide current and accurate information and arrange the correct visas for your trip quickly and at a good price.

For Immigration matters like Student Visas, Working Visas. Business visas etc. our service providers also help you prolong your current visas with your appropriate Immigration Offices. They will assist you every step of the way from advising you with regards to the documentation required for your Czech visa applications.

We also provide advise in general and complex immigration matters and general visa advice on European free movement rights.

Student Visas visa experts have strong connections with the Czech's leading educational institutions including all the medical faculties to provide you with guidance on the admission system for student visas. If your immigration status is not upto date, do not hesitate to call to discuss your options.


Student Accommodation, Long and Short term accommodations in private flats, penzions, spas and hotels according to your demands. Arrange and supervise contracts between both parties thus, you and your landlords. We provide a totally unique and bespoke property finding solutions for students in Hradec Kralove, Prague, Plsen, Brno and Oloumoc, committed to looking after your every property need. All at no extra cost.

Homefinding services

Whether you are looking for a long or short term rental in Prague, Brno, Hradec Kralove, Olomouc and Plsen in a modern studio flat or a large house to share with your friends, we've got it covered - at no extra cost!

We also provide Step-by-step advice and guidance to the entire letting process, Continued support throughout each tenancy, financial and legal jargon explained and detailed local information to help decide on your perfect location and most importantly, continued support throughout each tenancy.

*** Students with 25% Discount anywhere in the Czech republic ***


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